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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Automatic GMAT Retakerinator Survey.

Wondering If You Should Retake the GMAT? Take this Survey!

It's a common enough question on the message boards throughout the pre-MBA world. Whether it's, Wharton's S2S, or the Business Week forums, the question varies little: "Hi, I scored X on my GMAT. Should I retake it?"

Here's an easy-to-use, easy-to-print survey that will help all present and future applicants answer this question.

1. Compare your GMAT score to your target school's average score. Is it within 10 points of the average score? If so, go to question 4.

2. Subtract your GMAT score from 800. Take the square root of this difference from the standard deviation of your scores on Kaplan, PowerPrep, CrackGMAT800, and any other testing software you used. If the resulting number is negative, proceed to step 4. Else, go to step 5.

3. Are you sure that you could do better? If so, retake the GMAT. If not, see step 5.

4. Is your score under 800? Retake the GMAT.

5. See step 4.

PS: Essays are unimportant. Focus on the GMAT.