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Sunday, January 09, 2005

I think I'm turning Japanese. I really think so. [Edit 11]

Nobody seems to have noticed that 17 (out of approximately 60) current student blogs listed at are in Japanese. I clicked on a few of them and here's a pretty typical quote:

Strategy?????????????? MBA?????????? Strategy??????????? Stanford???????????(source)

"Hah!" I thought. This person's got as many questions as I do about the MBA program at Stanford! On thinking about this puzzling post more, I decided to try to install Japanese characters on my computer and try again. That didn't help much -- it changed all of the question marks to squiggly Japanese lines! And so I tried Babelfish, with these results:

Strategy true to its name handles the analysis plan of the enterprise strategy, so far the first, "MBA ? it is and" subject (personal opinion) is. Because subject of Strategy type large number being prepared even with selective subject, is one of the reasons where I choose Stanford, it had enjoyed very, but collating the diversification strategy of the enterprise which was really handled with first class in the basic strategy of that company, the process and the like which it keeps appraising, being very clear, it is funny. In combination also with the text to this course, because it is written, we agree to the contents of proper class, there is also reading answer.

That didn't help much. The first version--before all of this translation--may be the most clear. Still, I can't help but think that there must be something on all of these Japanese-language blogs that's interesting to read. Are there any unique opinions? I fished a few more paragraphs from different Japanese blogs and came up with some interesting translation attempts. Here they are, presented as an interactive quiz. First read the quote, then select the translation that best fits it!

"Very first, the professor quickly and it was visible unreliablly, but while class advances, the air is attached to manner of the steering wheel of class discussion being exquisite." (source)

  1. The professor is sometimes invisible, the better to fly through the air with his magical steering wheel.
  2. It became clear after a while that the professor steered the class discussion very well.
  3. Someone farted in the carpool on the way to class. I think I shall have to buy a new steering wheel.
"Now schedule of term in the afternoon of the month ? wood Strategy (the strategy) with the finance, with is 4 subjects which are said during morning of marketing and operation and the fire ? gold. Physical Education (physical education) with we had decided to take the lesson of golf which is offered in substituting. (Note: It does not become the unit)." (source)
  1. In wood shop today we learned to inlay golden ornamentation into kiln-fired redwood trees. I think I may substitute P.E. for wood shop, but then I wouldn't get credit for it.
  2. I write this blog in Japanese so that nobody will find out that we golf all day (we call this class "Marketing" on our resumes).
  3. I got a golden penis piercing this afternoon, but my girlfriend said "It does not become the unit" by which I think she meant it was unbecoming or ugly, so I shall remove the hoop at my earliest possible opportunity.
"Today of Wednesday there is no class, there was a new happiness event of the club activity, however Club Day. The student group arranging the desk completely in the open space before the library, those which induce new student. The group every of area such as sport system and Asia, Europe and Latin America such as skiing and golf, it is wide to those which are conscious of the employment of consulting and the venture capital etc. from the volunteer circle. If also year fee free ones it is, 45 dollars it raises relatively and there is also a thing. Temporarily turning in a general way, to write all names to any which have interest, after other than whether you are admitted formally afterwards, those which probably will enter without fail, deciding we had decided to pay fee. With the circle of part preparing the novelty of the T shirt and the magnet, etc. it had and started and moved aside. Me the magnet of Marketing Club and the drink bottle of Alumni Association Get." (source)
  1. Today was Club Day. We ventured to an island off the coast of San Francisco and clubbed baby seals. I used a Marketing Club while others used Skiing and Golf Clubs.
  2. Me Tarzan. You 2nd-Year student want Tarzan join club. Me the magnet of Marketing Club and the drink bottle of Alumni Association get.
  3. I put my name down on every club list so that I could get free sports bottles, magnets, pens and other tchochkes. When those clubs start asking me for dues, I'll pretend I didn't understand the sign-up process and made a mistake in putting my name down! Cha-ching, free sports bottle!

Edit 1: Fixed formatting issue
Edit 2: Inserted number of student blogs
Edit 3 through 10: Fighting with formatting

Edit 11: Minor grammatical fixes


Blogger Redwolf056 said...

Where do you come up with this shit?! Great stuff, keep it coming.

1/10/2005 09:35:00 AM  
Blogger zacharyemig said...

If you go to a Japanese blog and it has a lot of question marks, that means your browser is not set to the right text encoding. In IE, go to View/Encoding and try one of the Japanese encoding methods. That should display the Japanese characters correctly.

Zachary Emig

1/10/2005 11:38:00 AM  
Blogger bskewl said...


I fear that I bored you so much that you did not read the entire post. I noted above that I installed the language packs necessary. But this is good advice for those that have not done it!

1/10/2005 11:54:00 AM  
Blogger toufu_maru said...

Hi bskewl.
Post any comment to them. I believe they will be glad to reply. Anything you dont understand or you are interested in.

If you go to this site, you will find more blogs by Japanese.

Also, there are many Japanese sites which introduce their schools. This is the one for Stanford.

This is for Wharton.

Hope you enjoy studying Japanese!!

1/14/2005 01:27:00 AM  
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