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Friday, February 04, 2005

Best MBA-Related Reads for the Week ending 2005.02.04 [Edit 1]

  • Wharton Appoints New Director of Career Management Office - Does this mean stronger CPG placements at Wharton? "Christopher has been the senior associate director of MBA Career Management since August 2003. He came to Wharton after two-and-a-half years as marketing manager at Campbell Soup Co." (Found at Wharton Journal)
  • Crazy Tucker Tattoos Self - MBA student Desmond Duncker shows off his tattoo of the Tuck School of Business logo.
    (Found at Dave for MBA)
  • Reality Blog Rankings - Happy Ending's latest venture... let's hope that he doesn't switch it to a treatise on vaginas after I deign to link to him (like he did last week, that bastard!) At any rate, this is a modified version of an idea that was initially a tad too harsh. Go nominate bloggers that are doing a good job. You don't have to diss anyone. (Found at
  • UCLA Admits Beware - UCLA's marketing literature would never include the little details like this, but they have a big effect on quality-of-life for students. Commute-time is a major component of happiness. (Found at MargaritaLuvr (blog))
  • Quote of the Week? - "Business schools train people to sit in their offices and look for case studies. The more Harvard succeeds, the more business fails." -- Henry Mintzberg (Found at
  • Top Ten signs that your interviewer is not putting you through to the Second Round - "10. While he agrees that both your t-shirt and AC~DC totally rock, he claims his bank has a "more traditional" definition of business attire." (Found at Wharton Journal)
  • Awesome Quotes about Business - "So much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work." -- Peter Drucker (Found at Career Journal)
  • Growing pains: waking up one morning...old? - "I guess what it comes down to is that Wharton is a big journey of double standards for all of us. While it may be about finance, strategy, dark suits, ties and getting the highest paying job at the best firm so that you can bring up the school salary average, it is also about a second chance (and notice I said second...not last) to relive, or for some of us, live, the life of less responsibility. Sure we have to work in teams, hand in projects, do problem sets, and interview, but we also get to dress up in 'Studio 54' gear and stroll down the street in our underwear...and it is all acceptable." (Found at Wharton Journal)
  • XM Adroitly Retires Expensive Debt - XM Satellite Radio does a little WACC rebalancing and saves "tens of millions of dollars" -- That's why we MBAs get paid the big bucks. (Found at Digitalradio.weblogsinc via Business 2.0 Blog)
  • Another Johnson Lopped Off - Oldman blogged about his experiences at Cornell's Johnson school of business, but alas, he did not stay anonymous. Thus, when he posted something mildy controversial, he got beat down. The mystery remains, though. Who discouraged him from blogging? The school administration? Other students? Anonymous cowards? That makes three bloggers this week alone who have decided to stop covering the riveting world of MBA admissions and classes. Here's the post that got him into hot water (thanks again, RSS!)
    The following rant is based on observations only, and may be way off base. However, it is the belief of the author that all statements are, in all material aspects, correct. Now, I'm not normally one to complain about the system. I'm really not. I generally take things better than most, but in this particular case, I have to point out a simple observation. This is bound to cause some controversy, but keep in mind, it certainly isn't intended to take away from anyone's accomplishments . I am only pointing this out because my girlfriend is going to file a lawsuit on my behalf (totally kidding. Or am I?) Let me frame this in the form of a question: Assumptions: -260 kids in the class, 2/3 are male -higher percentage of women in marketing than other disciplines, say 60:40 in favor of women (I actually think it is less) -International students make up approx. 20% of the class In this scenario, what are the chances that ZERO caucasian US citizens, that were born in the united states, received an offer? (as of today, of course) In other words, what are the chances that all offers went to women, or to intl/not born in the US people, within the CPG Marketing field? I'm no statistics whiz, but... Anyways. Like I said, the non-white males born outside the US that received these offers are all great candidates, no question. This wasn't intended to start a big scene, but needs to be discussed so at least people are aware of the numbers...I'll let you decide--power to the people, yo. And, of course, this is a snapshot at one point in time, and doesn't necessarily reflect the final outcome. Anyways, yell at me, tell me I'm a pig, tell me I'm bitter, say whatever you like. It is the price I pay for KEEPIN IT REAL!!!!!!!! (BTW, before you yell though, remember that I never said these people gots jobs because they were female, intl, or otherwise. I simply said that us crackers aren't faring very well so far).
    (Found at See also: Aregon23)

Edit 1: Inserted photo!


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